Root Canal Therapy in Franklin, TN

At Dental Bliss, our dentists use advanced dental tools and technologies to guarantee effective, painless root canals. With the help of our signature sedation dentistry services, you can expect a completely stress-free time in the dentist's chair. If you need it, we'll even put you to sleep for the duration of the procedure.

lush, green, Franklin, TN dental office buildingOur office is designed with your comfort in mind!

What Is A Root Canal?

Root canal therapy is designed for patients who are suffering from decay or infection at the tooth's pulp (root). Our dentists use tools to remove the infection before filling it. An ultra-durable dental crown is then placed to top off the tooth and prevent additional decay.

At Dental Bliss, we offer same-day CEREC dental crowns to all of our patients. With CEREC, you will get your very own custom dental crown on the very same day as your root canal - no temporary crown or follow-up appointment required!

If our dentists recommend that you undergo a gentle root canal therapy, they have identified an infection that needs an intervention! When decay at the pulp is left untreated, you could experience a range of serious symptoms including pain and swelling. The infection could even spread to other parts of the body, like the jaw or sinuses.

Sedation Dentistry For Root Canals

When you are a Dental Bliss patient, you never have to worry about sitting through long, uncomfortable, or painful dental procedures. Our signature sedation dentistry services are designed for patients who grapple with anxiety in the dental chair, or those who have special healthcare needs.

Prior to your root canal, our licensed dental anesthesiologist will get to know your needs and perform a thorough assessment of your health history. From there, they will recommend the very best level of sedation based on the procedure and your unique needs!

Your Smile Changes Everything!

Need a root canal? At Dental Bliss, you can count on a truly relaxing experience. Call us today to schedule your appointment!

We also offer additional restorative dentistry services to help restore your complete smile!

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