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Dental Bliss Offers Therapeutic BOTOX®.
gum disease treatment in franklin and hermitage, tn
Dr. Girmscheid at our Franklin, TN dental office is certified in administering Therapeutic BOTOX® and has helped many patients relieve pain and feel better about their oral health. At Dental Bliss, we also also offer aesthetic anti-aging injections that aid in wrinkle prevention, smoothing of existing unwanted wrinkles, and the appearance of the gums when you smile. Tired of your “gummy smile”? Dental Bliss can help!

What are the benefits of BOTOX®?

facial esthetics in Franklin, TNAnti-aging injections administered at our Franklin, TN dental office can provide a wide variety of benefits for the health and appearance of your smile! The benefits of receiving BOTOX can include:

Less Muscle Soreness

Less frequent headaches from clenching your jaw

Slimmer Jaw Line

Less harm to your teeth and less dental work required

Wrinkle Prevention

Smooth and relax the facial muscles in the forehead, frown lines, and crows feet, and more!

Ready to learn more about how facial esthetic treatment can give you a more youthful glow? Call our cosmetic dental team today to schedule your consultation!

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